Aug. 6th, 2008

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Yesterday as I was packing the car to go to the hospital I saw a hummingbird on the floor of the garage. She was tangled in cobwebs and had probably been in the garage all night.

I picked her up and was pleased to see she still had enough energy to struggle. I got a better hold on her and took her into the house shouting for Mralrescate. He had happened to make some hummer hooch the night before so we had some sugar water ready to give her.

We took her outside and started removing the cobwebs from her feathers and feet while giving her drinks of sugar water. She flew out of my hands a couple of times but was still so tangled (and confused) that she couldn't figure out how to fly off the porch. We were able to gently snag her to continue removing cobwebs and giving small drinks of water. At one point she flew onto my chest with her wings and tail feathers spread. Her lovely green irridescent feather were quite a sight on my red shirt. Mralrescate proceeded to give her drinks of sugar water while she was on my chest which resulted in quite a bit of sugar water down my shirt.

As we were removing one more bunch of cobwebs from her feathers she flew again and this time made under the porch roof and slowly up to a tree in the yard.

I hope she was able to recover.

What about the bruises?

Well when she was on my shirt, Mralrescate said he would be pouring less sugar water down my shirt if I was sitting down. So I leaned against the door so I could squat down to give a better angle. Unfortunately for me the door wasn't completely closed and I fell into the house with all the dogs around me. (They had been standing at the door watching us.) Luckily the dogs decided not to rush out to escape and the hummingbird was not harmed. I, however, have a couple of bruises on my arm.
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Together again
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Nathan and Matthew are sharing a crib for the first time!

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