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Jul. 15th, 2017 10:59 pm
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Oh, I don't know. I mean, everybody has those days. Today just seemed like one of them. I mean, I woke Shannon up because I have sleep pain, which means I have pain when I sleep and then I moan or groan and stretch to make those pains ease up. So, I woke her up an hour before she had to go to class.

Then, I decided to have a small Jameson's, like you do, in the afternoon. Somehow or other it kicked my ass and I fell asleep in my chair for an hour. That may not sound so bad, but I think I went to sleep in the middle of Shannon complaining to me about some action or other that I did that up set her.

What did I do that upset her? I used the work probably, as in 'there is probably corn and peaches in those sacks'. Now, I knew that the sacks contained corn and peaches. I bought them today. However, I was under the influence at the time my mouth engaged and I was overcome with the Schrodinger function. In other words, I could not see in side the sacks, so they might have contained corn and peaches, or they might not have. Probably they did, because I tend to not believe in the complete mutability of the universes. But they might not, because, you know, irony.

I picked up the sacks and carried them to the kitchen, more to prove to myself that the universe was still solid than anything else. Then, apologizing profusely, as a husband does, I sat in my chair in my office.

So when she started her rant about the use of the word 'probably', I replied, as any good drunken physicist would, 'Obviously, you don't deal with a mutable universe on a daily level', and feel promptly asleep.

I don't know what Shannon thought. She probably kept talking up to the point where I snored. I don't know why women feel they need to use so many words. I got her point before I carried the sacks into the kitchen. that's why I apologized to her. So she would quit talking about it.

But no.... I had to hear the whole "I come home from a long day and all I hear is 'probably'..."etc, write your own script.

Sleeping was a bliss. So, I think I'll do it again. On the sofa. So she can sleep the night through.

Food Fight Fast

Jul. 9th, 2017 07:35 pm
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I've said in the past that I am an extremely slow runner. I do not exaggerate. On Thursday I didn't run until the afternoon, which was a terrible idea since it was so sunny and humid out. My app glitched and I stopped to fix it and, well, that was the end of that. So I ended up walking at least two thirds of my "run" -- and somehow managed to clock my fastest mile ever. I really suck at running, is what I'm saying.

But that's okay because I'm now preparing for the Culpeper Gran Fondo bike tour! I dusted the old girl off last night, evicting several spiders in the process. I was only on the W&OD trail for about 8.6 miles/47 minutes, but it felt delightful. I can only imagine how great it'll be next time now that my tires are fully inflated. Unfortunately, it's a very difficult thing to do during the week because I am not comfortable with driving in rush hour traffic with a bike strapped to the back of my car, but between the gym and weekend rides, I should be okay.

My apps are in conflict. Strava routinely calculates about a hundred more calories per run than RunKeeper does, but with cycling it appears to be the opposite. Very strange. Good thing I'm not counting calories or that would be really frustrating.

Speaking of calories, we stopped by Wegman's yesterday to see if we could find me some snacks. My lunch is very good and filling but midmorning I start getting hangry. I can't really dive into my lunch because it's just chicken and veggies, and veggies make a terrible snack for me because they're not satisfying. So we found me some dried fava beans and a nice chianti peas, and "moon cheese" (which appears to be dried cheese and is weirdly tasty). I tried them both last night when I got back from my bike ride because I was suddenly ravenous.

All right, it's rasslin time. Great Balls of Fire is one of the stupidest pay-per-view names ever, but hopefully it'll be better than the last few PPVs. WWE's been in a bit of a slump lately, writing-wise. There still are some great matches, but the storytelling has been lacking. Hopefully that'll pick up again soon.

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