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So last night as I was driving home I noticed something in a clearing near our house. I slowed down and rolled down the window to see a large hawk on the ground. I came to a stop and admired his head and shoulders (all I could see above the grass). He in turn gave me the eye. He must not have been impressed with me because he launched himself into the air and flew into the trees. He was so very lovely...his feathers alone would make you swoon!

I continued home and started packing my car for the 1st Annual Midwest Camp-Out. The first thing in the car was about twenty or so books. (Hey! Ya gotta pack the important stuff first!) As I was gathering stuff up my fella decided to bring out a dog for a brush down. I wasn't really paying attention and the next time I look up my fella is dashing towards the tree line with a red collar in his hand. Sigh. Dog on the run. He went looking for Jackson and I joined was getting dark so we finally got in car to cruise the neighborhood. No Jackson. Well last time he went on a roam he showed back up at the front door so we headed home. You guessed it. When we were getting ready to put the cars in the garage, here came Jackson. Wet, covered in dirt and panting to beat the band. He was so filthy that although it was after 9pm we gave him a bath. While cleaning him up I found two cuts under the dirt. One was right under his eye and the other was just above his eye. It looks as if he narrowly missed poking his eye out. Feh.

So after all the excitement I crawled into bed and read a bit with my fella snoring beside me and Jackson at my feet. Ah the simple pleasures!

Today I took a quick peek at a site I really enjoy called Dogblog. Jon takes pictures of dogs he sees tied along the streets of San Francisco. He doesn't update his pictures on a regular basis so I check now and then to see if there are any new ones. Today his first new picture hit me right away. A basset with his ears flying in the wind! It made me think of Betty. I bet when she was young she would have loved to ride with her head out the window like that. I miss the ole stinky girl. You should check out this site if you haven't already. DogBlog )

I'll be one the road in a couple more hours so you probably won't hear from me until Monday. Kansas here I come....

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