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I had another bizarre dream last night. I've been having a lot of strange dreams lately but this morning I was struck by the last dream...possibly because there was a book element to it. I just started reading 'Grave Talent' by Laurie R. King which deals with the murder of three young girls. Last night I dreamed about the murder of a child who (in the dream) was in my neighborhood. The child was left naked in the woods. Strangely it isn't a neighborhood I recognize & I had an impression that I wasn't a long time resident. As I roamed the area, doing something with leaves (was I ranger at a state park?) I realized I knew who the murderer was. I didn't have any evidence but somehow then found a book (maybe a BC book?) that as I flipped through I noticed that it had pieces of tape on the pages. I peeled one of the pieces of masking tape back to realize that underneath were buttons from the child's clothing. Somehow this lead me to a restroom the murderer had tried to dispose of some evidence that had their DNA on it and linked them to the killing.

I then woke up.

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