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I ganked this from [personal profile] rowangolightly's journal as she wrote it up so well...

PLEASE, if you have any thoughts of coming to visit White Hart, this is the last weekend you can do so for this year. It's a simply wonderful little faire, gorgeous and fairly primitive with a few quaint shops having been built and the rest in tents. The grounds are lushly green with huge oaks, black walnut and hickory trees. We're situated on the top of a hill so that the amazing breeze that seems to run across that hill nearly constantly is a wonderful blessing in the July heat. I won't fool you, it is hot but there's plenty of shade and the company is refreshing!

There's both court dancing with Sir Christopher Hatton and village dancing in the center of the circle in the morning. The court dances are taught in the afternoon so that patrons who wish to join in may learn the steps before the later afternoon dance. We're building our own jousting company, who this year are showing their skills in gaming upon horseback, giving horrible punishment to rings, quintain and cabbages. We've wonderful vendors with a wide variety of goods, something for everyone, and demonstrations of hand-throwing pottery, bread baking and weaving. We've managed to attract the best Pub Mistress in the mid-west, our own dear Cat who used to preside over the Pub at KC. We've wonderful stage shows such as Dr. Dumpe, Cedric the Bard, the Lord Mayor's Company, Commedia Sans Arts and our very own Queen's Gambit. Occasionally the Queen herself deigns to sing a ballad or two with the handsome Scotsman and his band. There's the wonderful Red Moon Tribe of gypsy dancers with live drumming and some lovely scenery for both genders of patrons; believe me, the Court ladies end up staring when the handsome gypsy man is up dancing with the girls!

We feature the Royal Gauntlet Bird of Prey show twice daily where patrons may closely view birds including a baby owl, and may even be able to fly Lady Val, the noble Harris hawk. (Sunday RGBP will release a Red Tailed hawk back into the wild.) There's a daily Children's Knighting and rumor has it that there'll be one more Knight of the Blue Garter made this weekend. We close the day with a final show on the main stage, comprised of short bits by all of our stage shows with the final company song of, "Bring on the Starlight" and then we march behind the Piper to the front gate for the Last Huzzah!

So come to the faire!

(Yes, this is me pimping....COME TO THE FAIRE!)

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