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Yesterday autumn finally arrived in the southwest Missouri. We had an early morning rain and it was cool and cloudy which suited my mood perfectly. Today is going to be another brisk, misty day. As I was driving in I noticed more tree leaves are changing colors. The colors won't be too vibrant this year because we didn't have enough rain. There is something about falling leaves and acorns on the ground that symbolizes more to me than the changing of the seasons.

I'm looking forward to getting one day this weekend where I will be able to curl up with a book, a fleece blanket and a dog. I plan to reward myself with that as soon as I finish at least ten of the one hundred things I need to accomplish this weekend. (Why is the weekend only two days? I *need* at least three.)

I got a bit of flack from the half of the dog pack that I didn't picture the other day. Unfortunately I don't have a picture with the two huskies and the basset all together but I'll post at least one of the group here. This is Watson who I've had since he was born. He will be 15 in January and he has really begun to feel his age. This is an especially sweet picture because Watson has never been a fan of dog beds and didn't use them until this year. He was sneaking onto the bed when we weren't there. We caught him one day when we came home and snapped this picture before he woke up. Now we find him on this bed occasionally but he will generally pick the cool tile over the doggy bed.

He's my silly old dog and I will love him forever.
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