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Oct. 31st, 2008 10:10 am
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[profile] courtneymckenny made me this icon.....I love it!
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As some of you know, my stepfather is an artist and has done a couple of books. He now has a new website & if you feel so moved please go take a look and spread the word too if you don't mind. (The site is still under construction so please keep that in mind.)

In his words:

My name is Domenic, spelled with an e. I became an illustrator because I'm a philosopher. I became a poet to keep from being bored in algebra class. I got over the algebra but not the poetry, which brings me to this little project, Dragon Stew. I tried to talk other people into writing poems about dragons which I hoped to illustrate, which some (not enough) of my friends did, and this led me to a discovery. Poetry, even poetry heavy with imagery, does not necessarily translate well into a visual. So I ended up writing the darn thing myself. I think I did a good job, I hope my philosophical bent did not get in the way too much, I know I did a good job with the pictures, and the printers (General Printing in Columbia Missouri) did a great job. Various testimonials tell me I have a sense of humor, evident in the book. My wife says if I do have a sense of humor, its a low one, thank you very much. Personally, I think I'm just too clever for words, (so to speak ).
I have a lot of time and effort invested in this book, I hope you will take a peek, @ If you like what you see, help me out and send this paragraph to everyone on your E-mail list.
sincerely, Domenic. (with an e.)

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