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So I went to see Grizzly Man at The Moxie ) this Sunday. In many ways this guy reminds me of the fellow from the book 'Into the Wild.' This documentary is powerful and the footage is amazing. The scenes of the animals in the wild are moving but it doesn't take very long for you to realize the fellow with the video camera has some serious issues. All you have to do is listen the guy for two minutes and you know that he has slipped off the edge. He had a good mission, teach people about the bears and protect the bears, but he lost sight of that in a way. It might be more accurate to say he kept sight of it but it became too warped to continue without the story ended the way it did.

I'm really coming to love The Moxie because I have seen so many great films there. I'm looking forward to their upcoming movies too. I think this theater will take off. I'm also hoping that they will partner with the Gillioz ) at some point for film festivals. I think that would be great!

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