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Jeff King won his *fourth* Iditarod this morning! I really think that's amazing. The dogs that are used in the race are stunning...I can't imagine what it must be like for them to run this race. I'm betting it's like a doggy marathon--except that it is much, much longer than a marathon. If a person actually pulled a sled that far we would be stunned, yet these teams of dogs do it year after year. To see a picture of the winner with two of his dogs click here! )

In other news: I'm feeling a bit better. I think I'm firmly on the road to recovery. I'm not blowing my nose as much and I can breath freely most of the time. I still feel like crap at the end of the day and first thing in the morning. (Of course I always feel like a major grouch in the morning but for the last week I'd have been happy to strangle Mralrescate for just *looking* bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.) Tomorrow I get to go blow glass. Well I get to go blow glass if I can get the lung power to manage any vessels. If all else fails I make a few paperweights to practice using the blocks.

P.S. for [profile] fsr44: Have you heard Sheryl Crow and Sting singing a duet yet? It's called 'Always On Your Side.'


Nov. 8th, 2005 02:50 pm
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I had a great four hours in the glass studio and I can't wait to see the pieces tomorrow! I got five pieces and I think I'll be pleased with them although I tried something new. I'm not sure how the new twist will work but it has potential once I practice it a few more times.

I've also gotten one of the dogs into the vet to have her toenails clipped. She had a minor meltdown but we got through it. It would have been such a struggle to do it is *so* worth five dollars to have them do it. (Especially since it really took three of us to get it done.)

Now I'm heading back home to my internet-free zone....perhaps I'll be productive and get some things done before we go out for sushi with some friends.
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The good news for today is that I only have four more days before I get back into the glass studio! I've been planning what I want to try to do. I recently got a magazine from the Audubon Society that featured amazing photos of sea life. I've taken some inspiration from the colors. I'm hoping I can get a couple of the effects I want. One of the pictures was of sea lettuce ) ... I have an excellent idea about making a vase from that inspiring plant picture but I'm not sure if my skills are up to it. I might be able to get close or at least produce something that will call that to mind. Some of my ideas are just color combinations so it will depend on if the studio has the right pigments for me to use.

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