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I went to see "A History of Violence" at The Moxie ) last night and was quite surprised to see Viggo Mortensen in it. In fact he is the main character! Now I'm not a big Viggo fan but how this information slipped by me , I don't know. I knew Ed Harris was in it and that William Hurt was up for an Oscar for his small part but somehow I managed to have no idea at all who else was in the movie.

The movie, by the way, was quite good. It isn't too plot heavy and I suppose you could say that it is a bit predictable but I still enjoyed it. I wouldn't recommend it if violence bothers you--yeah, there's a reason it has 'violence' in the title, and it is quite graphic in at least three scenes. There is also a brutal sexual scene. I didn't think William Hurt's performance was Oscar worthy.

Oh, and for you case you haven't seen it there is an article on Viggo in Esquire this month. It was quite interesting...I read it last night after reading the movie. (The fact MrAlrescate brought the mag home right before we saw the movie was a coincidence that made me open the mag and read.)
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So I went to see Grizzly Man at The Moxie ) this Sunday. In many ways this guy reminds me of the fellow from the book 'Into the Wild.' This documentary is powerful and the footage is amazing. The scenes of the animals in the wild are moving but it doesn't take very long for you to realize the fellow with the video camera has some serious issues. All you have to do is listen the guy for two minutes and you know that he has slipped off the edge. He had a good mission, teach people about the bears and protect the bears, but he lost sight of that in a way. It might be more accurate to say he kept sight of it but it became too warped to continue without the story ended the way it did.

I'm really coming to love The Moxie because I have seen so many great films there. I'm looking forward to their upcoming movies too. I think this theater will take off. I'm also hoping that they will partner with the Gillioz ) at some point for film festivals. I think that would be great!
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I'm so looking forward to the weekend! We are planning another 'homebody' weekend but Saturday I might go to see Grizzly Man ) with my cousin. We once again have a thousand things we need to try to get down around the house so I'm hoping that at least ten of them will be accomplished. (I know myself. I'm finishing up 'The Historian' )
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but it was also incredibly amusing. The Moxie only has 75 seats and last night's show was almost sold out. There were times when the audience was laughing so hard you couldn't even hear the movie. This movie is certainly not for the weak of heart who are offended by foul language. The acts described in by the comedians and the language they use to describe the acts would make a sailor blush. I loved it! If I was able I would be tempted to go back to another showing so I could catch the bits I missed. I think this is one I'll have to plan to find on dvd.


Thanks to everyone for patting me on the head yesterday. I almost renamed that journal entry 'Please forgive me Phelan' because it sounded like a plea for hugs. I hate sounding whiny and needy!
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It is a beautiful day here. It is sunny and brisk and I'm trapped in the office. I have lots of work I should be doing and I have no motivation to get it done. Some days I wonder what possessed me to leave the fishing tackle industry. (That isn't really true. I know *why* I did it. I've just been feeling a bit manipulated lately. Chalk that up to childhood issues I don't feel like going into right now.)

Tonight Mr. Alrescate and I are going to The Moxie ) to see 'The Aristocrats.' I'm really loving this little independent movie theater. (And not just because they serve wine.) I've gotten to see four great movies that would have never come to Podunk, Missouri, and I'm supporting two great young business owners. These two are probably ten years younger than I is a bit depressing to see their glowing optimism. I think I've officially become a geezer.

When I decided to update my journal I realized that I didn't have much I really wanted to share, which I suppose is okay because I doubt too many folks are reading this. Sigh. Why do I feel so cranky and ignored today? I'd go eat worms but I'm not very hungry.
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Because if you do you will go nuts because some stupid couple behind you thinks that they should use their "we are in a vortex of chaos" voices. I mean, come on people it is a theater with 75 seats! I *can* hear you! Believe me, I don't want to listen because you are both shining examples of why there should be mandatory birth control. Please lower your voice.

Once other folks started showing up the dim bulbs quieted down a bit. (Of course not before their inane comments forced me out to the cinebar for a glass of wine.) I have to say though if you have a chance to see the documentary 'Murderball' take it. It is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. For those of you who might not know this movie is about quadriplegic rugby players. It is in no way depressing but rather quite inspiring. (It certainly made me think.) I will admit that I did shed a few tears in the last five minutes of the movie but I can't tell you why in case you see the movie.

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