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I was flipping around radio stations today when the Prince song 'Kiss' came on. Now this is a Prince song before he became a symbol or "The Artist Formally Known as Prince" and a quick search puts this song coming out around 1986. I came in about half-way through. As I listened to the song the line 'U don't have 2 watch Dynasty 2 have an attitude' was sung and I couldn't help but think what an outdated line that was. I've always been amazed by people who listened to rock music who didn't know who the Beatles were, but listening to this song made me realized that kids around 18 to 20 probably don't know there was a show on t.v. named Dynasty. I remember watching that terrible show with my grandparents all the time. (Yes. We watched Dallas for a long time too but stopped a bit before Bobby stepped out of the shower.)

I guess I'm just feeling a bit like an old geezer hollering at those young whippersnappers today.

And it would have worked it weren't for those darn kids! (Sorry Scooby flash back.)

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