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Many of you know about the cheeky bunch of Rat Bastards I have lounging about on my deck. (Some of you naughty folk have sent me additional RBs. *cough*deenbat*cough*) Well yesterday one of the little RBs earned his ration of sunflower seed. I looked out one of the bedroom windows to see this:

Titus )

Here's what he looked like from the side:

Too lazy to eat standing/sitting up )

I tell you it made me laugh out loud to see him giving me the true definition of "cheeky."
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As you may recall, I have several cheeky Rat Bastards (known to some as squirrels) that think my deck is their own personal party palace. It has gotten so bad that I've actually *named* a couple of the more recognizable RBs. (In case you are wondering...there is Amos, Titus and Frankie.) Well today I took my car in to have the oil changed and the tires rotated...the service dude (named Corky I swear!) came out with my A/C filter in his hand. There were several acorns on it! Apparently the cheeky little devils have decided that my car is a good place to store their nuts. The thing is, I usually keep my car in the garage so they are getting in there somehow. The service dude (Corky!) suggested a live trap. Yeah. Right. And once I trap them, what am I to do? Send them to [profile] fsr44? No way....she has a bag of lime in her trunk and I know she wouldn't hesitate to use it. Perhaps Amos and Frankie might like St. Louis....maybe Kansas?


BTW: The LJ's spell check suggestions for Corky: Cork, Gorky, Cocky, Corly, Corker, Cory, Coke, Cook, Cock, Corks, Corby, Cordy, Corey, Corny, Corry, Corty, Dorky, Porky, Cooke, Corgi, Jerky, Kooky, Cork's. *Snicker*
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Well he is getting even more uppity. He isn't scared of us at all, so when I go to chase him away so the birds can eat I have to chase him at least three times before it will stick. That isn't so bad...getting up to chase him is a little exercise. *grin* Now the little bastard has taken to using our deck as his lounge. After he has eaten a bunch he stretches out on the railing and just hangs out until he is ready to eat more.

Rat Bastard )
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This winter we have been getting an occasional Rat Bastard (a.k.a. squirrel) coming up to our deck to the dish we put out for the birds. There seems to be at least two distinct red squirrels and at first they were very skittish. Our dog Jackson would see one on the deck and very quietly go to the dog door and then burst out and run to the side of the fenced yard and bark. As soon as the squirrel heard the dog door flap he was back into the tree, down and high-tailing it to the woods. Now they don't really worry too much about the dogs. They have figured out the dogs can't get to them unless they go out the deck door.

Well now the little stinkers aren't even scared of me! Since there only seem to be two or three squirrels coming to the feeder I have been letting them eat until I decide they have had quite enough and are keeping the birds away. (I've been very lenient with a small fella that looks like a baby.) I used to be able to just go to the window and they would take off. Now I have to open the door and walk out on the deck before they scoot. I can get pretty close before the little bugger runs off.

This is a picture of one of the Rat Bastards. I am not using a zoom....I got this close to him. )

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