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Well I've left two phone messages. The first was to SBC (now AT&T again) and the second was to a number that should have a more direct line to this guy. (The name of that group is Celtic Crossing, Inc. who are working for SBC.) He had been in another one the offices in the complex so the folks down the hall gave me his name and a name for the direct corporation responsible for these guys.

They have said they will pass on the information and a manager will get back to me....I'll see. If I don't hear from them tomorrow I will probably write a nasty letter.

I think the thing that pisses me off the most is that this guy frightened me a bit. I like to think I'm a tough critter but I know I'm not that tough.

Besides I don't keep my gun in my office because it would be too damn tempting sometimes. Feh.
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Aaargh! Two guys just barged into my office from the phone company. They were pushy, rude, nasty and felt somewhat threatening. (I'm in an office by myself...away from the rest of the office staff. Having a big guy come in and refuse to leave was a bit scary.)

I'm on the phone now trying to lodge a complaint. Yeah, I know...but I'm so mad I'm going to try.

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