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I'm so looking forward to the weekend! We are planning another 'homebody' weekend but Saturday I might go to see Grizzly Man ) with my cousin. We once again have a thousand things we need to try to get down around the house so I'm hoping that at least ten of them will be accomplished. (I know myself. I'm finishing up 'The Historian' )
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The only good thing about Monday so far is that I've been able to catch up with all my LJ friends. Boy, I either need fewer friends or you all need to stop talking so much! (Just kidding folks.)

I'm a bit grumpy after watching baseball games this weekend as the St. Louis Cards are blowing it big time. The playoffs have provided some interesting plays though. The pitching has been stunning. I could go on and on about this weekend's baseball but I am already known as a huge baseball geek...there is really no reason to prove it any further.

In other news we are finally getting the dead tree in front of the house taken down. The mister's buddy is helping us and they got started on Sunday. Of course in the middle of the project the bucket truck they were using to remove limbs from this huge oak tree died. So they couldn't move the bucket to take down the rest of the limbs. (The buddy had to climb down from the bucket...only about 15-20 feet but still.) They got most of the limbs though so I don't have to worry as much about a massive limb crashing down on the house. We will probably leave quite a bit of the trunk because we can't go to the expense of a stump removal right now. We will leave the trunk at about five feet and use it for bird feeders and such. Not attractive but at least it will be more attractive that the huge dead tree.

And since everyone else is doing is my mine. I find it a bit scary that this is mine. I guess it is pretty accurate for my day to day wear. I don't think it reflects my true taste though.
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